"Work ethic": Minutes from 2011 meeting reveal Federal Reserve bankers making fun of unemployed Americans


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Same as it ever was…


employers cited literacy, work ethic, and drugs as impediments to hiring.

Yes, pay no attention to the underfunded public schools, the exploitative employers, and the criminalisation of a medical problem as root causes. It’s all about bad character on the part of individuals.


At the time, America’s jobless rate was about 9%.

Yes, Congress and the Senate wouldn’t pass / vote an unemployment benefit extension at the same time.


“… and what do you call your act?”

"White Male Privilege!


They see the fun side in everything!



The elite need people to shit on. What I don’t understand is … they’d all benefit greatly out of a more productive workforce.


Reminds me of my stepdad’s hate of the homeless. ‘Go to goodwill go get a truckstop shower and start job hunting.’

It’s simple! He solved unemployment AND homelessneew. Give the man a fucking medal.


I would not be so damn smug, were I them. Anti-elitism is running high at the moment.

Do you know the last time someone was beheaded via guillotine in France?



maybe not a good example for creating a pre-revolutionary mood. the beheaded was lower class and foreigner.


Well, that’s ok then.


hu? no, not at all. it was mostly a reminder that the guillotine, while a famous symbol of the French revolution, is actually only an execution device without any built-in victim selector.


Was well aware of that fact, but the guillotine in this case was intended to be symbolic of the French revolution.

And also the fact that they were still using it in the 70’s was a pretty hard-hitting fact. Maybe not the cleanest narrative, as you pointed out.


if one feels that killing humans is fine a guillotine is a rather humane (i.e. fast and reliable) method, at least compared to lethal injections with all the “oops, didn’t work as expected” cases


Not to mention those lazy bums were directly responsible for outsourcing jobs and demonizing unions.


The line that infuriates me every time is when Potter talks shit on garlic eaters.



Agreed, that it’s more humane by comparison, but that is not its purpose as designed. Beheading is supposed to invoke fear from its brutality (which is why it’s still used by terrorists).

Pair with it the fact that a victim of the guillotine may well be aware for some 30 seconds afterward


so what’s the big reveal here? Rich bank executive pricks are pricks?