Worker at Utah DMV wears best #Halloween costume ever for DMV worker


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We would also have accepted Selma or Patty Bouvier.


Best #Halloween costume ever for Senate Majority Leader


in case you somehow missed it …


A guy working at an office of the Utah state Division of Motor Vehicles wore a sloth costume to work today

I remember seeing this picture weeks ago on FB, curious so i looked it up and the picture is from last year

Not that it’s not funny, definitely think this is hilariously great :slight_smile:


Exactly. Not just a sloth, a very particular sloth.

Which makes it wonderful.



This guy wins Halloween and made my day so much better.


My personal favorite was a gal dressed as Cruella de Vil in the local DMV, she had the stare down pat.


…so you’re saying it was a little slow in making the rounds? :wink:


the dmv sloths in CA wear people costumes


Could be worse.


It’s just Kelly Anne Conway hard at work in the West Wing.


Sloths can move fast if they want to. And then some:


Even funnier was that you went there on june 12th


How do you not have 50 likes? Do people need a picture of old Mitch?




[Searching “slow clap” GIFs, finding none quite slow enough…]


Ah, here’s one.


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