World map of national cost obsessions

Ok everyone, for simplicity let’s just rename this “World map of American Tourist cost obsessions”.


Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, and Arkansas… sigh Way to be the stereotype.
North Dakota… WTF?!
Mississippi… I believe the answer is “about half of the economy in your state”.

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I don’t know how the “researchers” did their tests, but if you want to do one of your own, you should note that your own search history is (probably) a part of the algorithm. It’s described here:

If you’re finding autocomplete results trending toward a subject, it may be because you’ve searched for that subject yourself.

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Slaves? Really?

Come on, humanity.

Also Ireland being Funeral is…very Irish…

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The answer, to all of this, is way too high.

Just south of us, on an island, the answer is too damn high, but that’s not in CT so anyhoo…

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And, from your picture, North Dakota.

Ah, we don’t encourage North Dakota. South Dakota is the best Dakota, and we are trying to just ignore the North until it changes its name or just goes away.

Doubt it. I’m guessing those deaths are just in Ireland for tax purposes…


I grew up in South Dakota. I was in North Dakota, once.

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“Kidney” and “Slaves” kinda take the heat off of “Prostitute.”

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Origin location of search and being logged into Google also change the result ranking of search items and autocomplete suggestions.

More like English-speaking people at the US. Location also plays a role in the ranking algorithm.

As sound as to say that, according to google, pdf is the 4th most popular religion…

I did this for Canada. I reduced the importance of fuel based searches, but for Newfoundland and NWT, fuel was all I could find. And I’ve also inadvertently discovered that New Brunswick must be the happiest place in Canada.

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There are so many obvious reasons why that data is flawed, they should never have made this map.

Sure: it’s fun, it seems harmless, but sloppy science and careless journalism make a misinformed public, and a misinformed public makes Trump its master.

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Looks like Nebraska, Wyoming and Colorado should get together for one crazy party, and they might consider inviting New York (a pound???).

WTF Maryland and Rhode Island? Srsly, North Dakota?

New Jersey was the most depressing for me. I knew crime was bad in Camden (I lived in Philly for several years, so Camden murders were a common headline). What I didn’t know is how bad it’s become recently:

Camden’s Homicide Count Reaches Grim Milestone as City Murders More Than Double Last Year’s

Camden counted more homicides in the month of May alone than it did in the first five months of last year. […] Over the weekend, the New Jersey city of about 77,300 residents clocked its 22nd homicide of the year, more than doubling last year’s murder tally as of the same date, when the city saw 10 killings. In May alone, the city surpassed that number, with 11 killings on the city’s streets.

Considering having CO plates while traveling through WY is a great way to get pulled over, I’m not entirely sure about that party.

On the flip side, the climbing community is pretty border agnostic, and there’s a regular in the Boulder scene who’s made sushi at meet ups in Vedauwoo, so it might be a fun time. :wink:

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