Most popular search queries for each state, 2016


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Why doesn’t it surprise me that California can’t see the forest for the trees?


Why doesn’t dog lay eggs?

Alas, we may never know… :wink:

But wow, some of those search terms made me stupider just by reading them…

I do hope these are just an amusing invention. But then again, Trump happened…


I’m calling disturbance in the force on Porbo!


I’m surprised anyone’s asking that.


WTF porbo?


As one of the responses to the original tweet pointed out:


TIL that old people discovered Google this year:

Not sure what’s going on in Mississippi, but I’m intrigued:


As a Texan I don’t know what porbo is. So I searched it. Yea for all our right wing Christian bs we apparently like our porn.


The Stupid is strong with America. Now Trump makes perfect sense.


I’ll give Rhode Island a pass for searching “gogole”-- clearly they just don’t know the proper spelling for the author of “Dead Souls” and “The Overcoat.”


Montana should look to McSweeneys to understand the house in the middle of the street.


Given that it is from Drew, I assume amusing invention.


Well that’s nice and all but i’m going back to the warm embrace of the duck.


Are most of you acting like this is real for laughs? I thought it was an obvious joke. But now I feel like I’m being gaslighted.


Channeling my inner Jesse Pinkman…


had to google “gaslighted” but i’m in France, so…


It does use the official font of sarcasm (comic sans, est 1996) but it’s also the official font of office flyers (though office flyer should be blue and supplemented by at least three other fonts; have you checked out Jokerman lately?). Plus it’s so plausible.


I hope everyone here realizes this is satire. I’m just not sure by the above responses.


“Chip clip stuck on finger”. Well…um…er…I think the metro-Detroit/Tri-County (Wayne, Macome, Oakland) areas were once known for having the most potato-chip eaters per capita, or something like that…

(flounders hopelessly for an explanation, has none; now craves potato chips)