World War 3 Illustrated: prescient outrage from the dawn of the Piketty apocalypse

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The Reagan era kicked off a project to dismantle social mobility and equitable justice. This trenchant, angry, gorgeous graphic zine launched in response.

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I appreciate the sentiment - but at least get the facts right. Reagan was elected in November of 1980 and inaugurated in January of 1981.

Also, his name is spelled wrong in the text of the article.

The Reagan era kicked off a project to dismantle social mobility and equitable justice began.

Dismantling social mobility is equitable justice? How is that?

Maggie became Prime Minister in 1979 and quickly started destroying anything vaguely resembling social democracy in the UK.


Ok - how does that change the line in the article that says Reagan was elected in 1979?

I didn’t realise. That had been fixed before I read the article.

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Just realized it had been fixed. Sorry.

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While it is factually correct that Reagan was elected in 1980, he announced his candidacy a year earlier in… wait for it… 1979.

And again, while the “Reagan Era” is usually designated to have begun with his election, the origins of the ideology and historical time period that bears his name began in the 1970s

He was very much a product of the school of thought that bears his name. As a charismatic face, he made a great figurehead, but he didn’t invent the thoughts.

I don’t question the choice of the anthologist of World War 3 Illustrated to go back to 1979 for the beginning date.


I suspect the “began” was missed in editing. Maybe the first go round read “…a project to dismantle…began.” And the second go was intended to read as “…kicked off a project…justice.”

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As a college student in California during the tenure of Governor Ronald Reagan, I can assure you that his campaign against education, equal opportunity and the middle class began well before his run for the presidency.


Your (mental) parentheses are in the wrong places.

It’s not ‘(a project to dismantle social mobility) and (equitable justice) began’. It’s ‘a project to dismantle (social mobility and equitable justice) began.’

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And then you link to Amazon? The epitome of the “corporatist dystopia?”

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I remember when the night Reagan got elected like the day Kennedy got killed. I was at a jazz club in Portland Oregon and everyone got really drunk and sat out on the steps smoking pot and saying this is it. This is the beginning of the end. No one disagreed. Meanwhile kick-ass free jazz was twining out the door and holding us tight. People were passed out in the bathrooms, so dark was the night. It was my political awakening. Before that I had no idea America was that gullible. and stupid.


I’ll just leave this here

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