World's largest rodent extermination plan clears entire island of pests


Cool, everything sucks, good to know.


Those were giant-sized naked mole rats.

Mutant capybara would have made more sense, but they’re famously chill animals, so a lot less scary…


I haven’t played that game in a long time, but it’s funny the parts that are still fresh in my mind. Kinda like this gem from childhood …


Cool, cant have you thinking positively about things, your welcome.


Visitors to the islands will be strictly controlled, along with checks on any vermin that might stray on board, much easier to do nowadays than it was in the times these islands were first discovered, when having rats and other vermin, human included on board was normal.


If you want to clear an area of Capybara, no need for peanut oil, just put a hot tub somewhere you DO want them.


Javier Bardem’s character had a whole monologue on this topic in Skyfall.


Nonsense. It’s an experiment by the Freemason Illuminati Rothschild Lizard Aliens to see how they can exterminate 80% of the human race, and enslave the rest. Chemtrails haven’t worked, and FEMA camps are busy with illegal immigrant children.


The rise of mammals is what eventually killed off the dinosaurs. They’d rob the dino’s nest of eggs and because raw eggs don’t taste very good they’d roll them into natural hot springs to cook them. These mammals were known as poachers.


Wonder how the mice feel about it. “Galaxy’s largest mutant-primate extermination plan clears entire planet of pests inadvertently created during exploration visits 100 millenia ago.” Doesn’t sound quite as nice does it ?


After all, cockroaches can live (and potentially vote) for several days after decapitation.


Well … not quite.

It’s been slowly gathering pace. DOC have gained an enviable amount of experience at the techniques required to eliminate pests on offshore islands (including in some truly formidable locations), and a lot of academic research (PhDs and the like) is going in to it, and yesterday’s budget allocated a good chunk of change.


If you don’t see any cockroaches, you’ve got mice and if you don’t see mice you’ve got rats.


Oddly, although I live at the junction of Waller Creek and the Colorado River (referred to here as Lady Bird Lake for some bizarre reason), I’ve never seen rats around. Possums and racoons, sure. Mice, definitely (mostly as dead pwesents :), but no rats, thank Cthulhu.


I was expecting the Giant Rat of Sumatra.


Skaven 4ever!


Thank you very much for a more well rounded and positive look as to the progress in NZ.

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