World's largest rodent extermination plan clears entire island of pests


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Must have been a huuuge vat of peanut oil


World’s largest rodent…


This is part of a test of rodent extermination methods to see what’ll work best to exterminate all predators in New Zealand by 2050, which has never been attempted on that scale before.


This is not the world’s largest rodent extermination plan, that would go to the Canadian province of Alberta, which has been rat free for decades thanks to a rat patrol that has prevented them from establishing a foothold here. Rat possession can result in up to 5 years in prison, although I haven’t heard of anyone facing that punishment.



I remember my days battling against rat extermination, doomwheel and gutter runner leading the charge.


A similar program has been going on in the Galapagos islands for some time.

Some islands are now free of rats, and tortoise populations are increasing.

Other programs are working to eradicate goats, cats, and pigs, all of which were decimating the native fauna.


Great, they took care of the rat invasion on South Georgia Island, but what about their UFO invasion problem?


The Mouse’s Papa is no more.


They got anything that will work on republicans?


Clearly it’s easier to get a population of 20 Humans on board with this sort of thing, than a population of 350.


I’ve heard that anyone moving to the province has to re-home or euthanize any pet rats.

Now if only the city of Toronto would come up with a systematic plan …


“Curse you Rat Patrol!!!”


Not to rain on anyone’s parade, but what is the plan to prevent the re-introduction of pests?


That include humans?



Ugh - I think they had a mutant version of this in Fallout. :scream:


Well it would be great if we pulled that off, but really that was just posturing by our right wing government trying to undermine the left wing (Labour / Green) alliance for an upcoming election. They were never going to commit the funding to actually get anywhere near achieving that goal.


No, no,no! For that you need cockroach extermination which is WAY more difficult. My cats will present me with mice, but they won’t do a damn thing about the cockroaches.