World's smallest comedy album


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aw, man. what a rip-off.

anyway, I think the punchline is something like because he has snowballs but hopefully I’m wrong.


Rip it and put on a micro-SD card. It’ll be even smaller.



Michael and his engineer Kris Dorr made a tiny wind-up record player that will play this record, too! It uses a 1940s telephone dial mechanism as the speed governor.


This is me (Jason Klamm) being a pain in the ass and forgetting we only did one side in the video (we shot this months ago). Since we won’t be selling them I’ll post a digital version soon, but whatever dumb dirty punchline you think it is is probably close.


Because the friction melted it.


…no one promised it was GOOD.


I guess there are some records that are just too small for Guinness to be interested in.


I assumed the world’s smallest comedy record would be The Best of Dane Cook.


And then there’s this:


Considering at least one of them is a audio guy, the audio on this clip really, really sucks.


You are aware of the frequency limitations of a 1.5" diameter disc turning at 45(?) RPM, right? Not many inches per second available to fit all the wiggles in to.


THE CLIP, not the record. I was referring to the utterly sucky audio on the video clip.


He did say he’s only half of a recording group.

If the other guy had been there too, you would have been amazed.



Wait, no. That’s… Nope, even I’m not making that joke.


I think TMBG should take this as cause to release an 11 volume commemorative box set edition of Fingertips.


prop comedy


Reminds me of the tragedy of the Eskimo couple - one cold night, she broke it off.


hey now everybody now!