Dig this portable record player from 1966

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What’s the conversion from guineas to bitcoin, or some other modern currency?


“…like a flamingo(!)”

1 guinea = 21 shillings
21 shillings = £1 and a shilling
£1 and a shilling - £1.05 in new money.

Racehorses are still priced in guineas - goodness knows why


Thanks. So 16 guineas, inflation adjusted (x17.5) works out to £294 today.

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so, this never caught on because it was cheaply built and didn’t work right, or because it was too expensive?


It was an extremely pricey piece of modern technology that set you back well over a whole week’s salary at the time.

seems unlikely any made it over here in the US or I feel like I would have heard about it already.

There are at least 12 furlongs per guineas.


I feel the groove all the way over here.


But park your ears and hear my warning, dig? Daddy-O, those super hip cats are Trump supporters now.


Lordy, but the radios in that article are beautiful.

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Would it have really cost that much more to put in a radio as well? Seems a shame, then you’d have a sort of mono, AM only proto-boombox. Which makes me imagine these wholesome British teenagers carefully penning naughty graffiti on the Underground, and cranking these things up to 5, maybe even 6 decibels.


What format of disc is that using? It’s smaller than an LP, but doesn’t have the large hole of a 45 rpm spindle.

They keep waving the disks around so it’s hard to tell. There were 7" 33rpm disks with a small hole. Or perhaps it’s a proprietary format, such as the Highway Hi-Fi used.

And nobody worried about their manufacturing jobs.

In one shot you can see that the disc is a 45 RPM disk with a “breakout” center. I remember running into a few of these. You could play it on an LP spindle or knock out the center to use a standard 45 spindle.I guess to use ordinary 45s you’d have to push one of those metal or plastic adapters into the hole. I don’t know what happens if the adapter slips out while you’re waving your portable about.

The adapters are very clever and lock into the hole. (I say “are” because they are still in production. At some record stores, they used to have a bucket of them near the register, you’d just grab a handful on your way out of the store.)

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wonder if the pye car record player beats that

pye R sq’ed

or the philips automignon

[AG2101D] (http://www.capitol6000.com/recordplayers.html)

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I think you’ll find that they are probably Nigel Farage supporters who voted for Brexit. (A bit like the Woodstock attendees who became bankers and CocaCola execs,)

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And if you don’t see them you would ask the shopkeeper had they any middles for your Jamaican 45s…

The 7" records here a re bog standard UK singles, ones with the small spindle hole as q 12" has, ones that you needed to put middles in are rarer and cluster around the mod scenes.