World's smallest species of wildcat could fit in the palm of your hand


Though it may pee all over your house and eat your face off if you died in a room with it, very cute little cat, indeed.


According to Donald Trump, he could fit three of these and a Labrador puppy in to the palm of just one of his exceptionally huge hands; rilly bigglest.




I thought the black-footed cat my daughter and I visit at the Prospect Park zoo was the smallest, but upon checking, it’s just the smallest in Africa. Still a cute little murder machine tho…


Well shucks, that’s just another reason to visit the zoo, finally. I’m based in Park Slope a good amount of the time, so thanks for the tip!


Never underestimate the ferocity of “little” cats. 50 years ago we had a 4# female barn cat that would bring home her kills to feed her kittens. Said kills included a rattlesnake, a jack rabbit 2x her size, and ravens and magpies (not small birds). We had no problems with rats, mice and gophers. Now somebody would put out poison bait for those pests. So which is better, the chemical approach or the fur-lined approach?


I think we all know the answer to that… :smiley_cat:


I don’t see why we have to watch videos of cats from ShitHole countries. Why can’t we just have videos of Norwegian forest cats?


What do you feed it? … I mean when it’s not chewing on your toes?


crickets and spider sugar, mostly


a lot nicer looking than these tough customers


They’re in the nocturnal section, tucked back by the snake-neck turtle. If you happem to be there on a day the Rodrigues bats are feeling playful it’s a real treat of a section.


crazy that cats and dogs both came from these vicious tree rats


I personally find the Haitian solenodon or the African pygmy hedgehog much cutter and more interesting than the Norwegian rat or the orange rat. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


D’awwww! Cute li’l ferocious and mean gatos!


Little did the cat know that he had wandered into the territory of a British voiceover; his every action to be exactingly described and summarized.


You want Norwegian Forest Cats? I got your Norwegian Forest Cat* right here:

*Disclaimer: Malcolm is a rescue cat and I don’t know that he’s actually a Norwegian Forest Cat. But he looks like one and is currently outside even though it’s 0F because he wanted to be.


I understand that dogs are more likely to chow down on your dead body than picky cats.


The main problem with the fur-lined approach is that they tend to bring them to you alive and kicking. Well, females do at least. Nothing quite like waking up to noises in the bedroom and finding yourself with a face full of panicked bird…


World’s smallest species of wildcat could fit in the palm of your hand, where it will promptly mark its territory.