World's tallest man towers over shortest woman in California reunion (video)

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I looked at the photo and thought “wow, that’s freaky” then groaned at my own pun.

The hight of the pun is irrelevant, it’s fully groan.

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Would be helpful to have their heights in units people actually understand at least somewhere in the text!

ETA: for the rest of us, I’ve looked it up. He’s 2.50m and she’s 64cm!


All the best to both of these people having to cope with their ailments.




Ok. I yield. I translated this, I read about German theatre theory, and I’m still not grokking this. I get that “tragedy should imitate better people and comedy should imitate worse people”. I tried to word my response so as not to make fun of the people in the article, rather just referring to the concept of “height” .

Can I have the reference further explained to me?

Some people say it ruins a joke to explain it, but I quite like it.

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