Photo: World's tallest man hanging out with world's smallest man


The tragic thing is neither of them can ride all the rides at the amusement park.


Can either of them ride any of the rides at an amusement park? And no, the peoplemovers or monorails don’t count. They’re transportation.

That cane kind of makes me sad. He must hear a lot of basketball jokes, but a crazy out-of-control skeleton is a disability, isn’t it?


" ‘One Size Fits All’ my ass!"

–Both guys


As I understand it, even a mildly out of control skeleton usually leads to problems. A friend of mine is 6’8", which is certainly outside 2 standard deviations from the mean, but not that tall as tall people go. He’s had isses with his back and knees his whole life. He also has to be careful about his hands and feet because he has chronic heart failure due to the mismatch between his body’s size and cardiac capacity. He’s not going to drop dead anytime soon, but his heart isn’t proportional in strength relative to his body’s size.

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Pretty much, yeah. Robert Wadlow, the tallest man ever (he was less than an inch shy of 9 feet), had to wear leg braces to walk, and had no sensation in his feet–he died from an infected foot sore from his brace rubbing against it that he didn’t even feel until it was too late.

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