World's top 10 colleges all in US and UK


According to who?

Oh, according to John O’Leary of QS.

Who the hell is QS?

It took a little searching, but I found it. They claim that they are “the leading global provider of specialist higher education and careers information and solutions.” Their own words. QS: About us

If they are such a world leader, why was there only one mention of them in the BBC article? Why was it so difficult to find this basic information? Why didn’t BBC include a link to the study itself? In fact, in scanning the QS site, I cannot find anything about the parameters they use, what they review or their methodology. Nor can I find info on who funds them. Are they non-profit, government funded or a corporation?


The recruiter at University of Phoenix told me they were top 10!

I wish I had saved the log of our chat window about it…


Rob is trolling for angry replies.


This makes no sense and the BBC should know it. “Oxford” and “Cambridge” consist of dozens of different colleges. Confusingly, some of them have the same name.

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Top in what? Everybody knows the profs all work for government grants. When I was in college in 1998 fully half of my teachers apologized in class because they didn’t know what to teach or how to teach it. One professor told us we should not expect much from our teachers because they didn’t get their jobs by being good teachers. He was serious. There was another school just off campus where students hired teachers to teach what their teachers couldn’t or wouldn’t. It has been so ever since WW2. There are no top colleges, only top students, and they could do as well without the colleges. The colleges would like that just fine. They don’t actually need students to run what they consider a world class school.


yeah true they’re all in the US and UK and the top 2 on the list are in the very same town (where I happen to live)

“Colleges” at Oxford mean something rather different to the regular usage of “college”.

Americaaaaa…fuck yeah!

Graduating with six figures in debt you wouldn’t expect it any lower.


and dammit im biting :smiley:

They should judge them by how few of their graduates screw up the world. Lots of “financial services” people? Low score!


Those who can’t do, teach.

Have you ever taught anything?
If so, I feel sorry for your students. If not, give it a try and see if you still think teaching is worth so little.


Aaaand every each one of them only accepts the most skilled and hard-working of students. So it is kind of self-full-filling cycle.

that’s not how you spell “fulfilling”.

Top ten in cost of education?

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I think you mean “Those who can, teach”


Wait. If he has, you feel sorry for his students, but if he hasn’t you want him to start?

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That’s not how you quote “fulfilling”. :wink: