Worm grunting lures worms from the soil with just a vibrating stick


Sure beats waiting for the local bully to dig them up for you.


So I’m looking forward to the outtakes from DUNE 2020 where moles of unusual size pop into the scenes here and there, possibly lumbered after by a giant groundskeeper toting dynamite, looking for dancing ground squirrels or such. The Baron can be affected by herbal body bands for weight loss and anti-vax, no idea how the assassins should find a way in.


In North Florida near where I live, a little town holds the internationally famous (harhar) annual Worm Gruntin Festival.


This is how some worms reproduce- they mate with the front half of their bodies out of the soil:

I’ve never heard earthworms, but I often hear sediment worms in estuary mud.


The testimonials video on the Worm Gitter sales page features someone talking about how much yummier your worms will be than those yucky store-bought ones, and how he has frequently out-fished his philistine neighbors. “Mm-mm!” I thought involuntarily.

Scooter from the muppets demonstrated worm-attracting sounds decades ago:


I grew close to the Apalachicola area. I remember watching my grandmother calling up worms with a garden stake and double-bit axe head that she’d had since she was a young girl. I used to get such a kick out of watching them just appear out of nowhere. It usually only took about 5-10 minutes for us to fill up a soup can with worms.


If you want good fishing bait you want red wigglers not dew worms. Dew worms which are the type that come up at night will drown when you use them as bait. Fish are attracted to movement. Red wigglers don’t drown. They will catch more fish. Something my grandpa taught me long ago.

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Worms taste bland. I’d add onion salt and garlic if I had that option.

Beat me to it!

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Pretty please can you swap this article with the next one? Then the pictures would come out in order. Thanks so much.



I remember years ago on “Sunday Morning” when Charles Kuralt read a letter from a viewer who doubted the existence of one of the municipalities listed on the acrylic screens behind him on the set: “Sopchoppy Florida.” Kuralt advised the writer that Sopchoppy did in fact exist, that he had been there, and learned that worm grunting, using a wooden stake “bowed” with a truck leaf spring, was a common practice there.


Grunt without rhythm, and you won’t attract the worms…

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This is how the GOP attracts voters.

And guess where the stick ends up.

This is also referred to as “worm fiddling”. I used this technique often in the sandy swamps of Florida. I tried it several times in the hard clay of North Alabama, and never really got very good results. Maybe my accent was off.

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Wow, Charles Kuralt was in Sopchoppy?! That delights me!

This thread has inspired me to attend the next Worm Gruntin Festival, post-pandemic…as long as I don’t have to touch or eat a worm.


Not the first time either

Invasive worms in New England destroyed the leaf layer in the forests, thereby increasing the underbrush. This drove many deer from the forests leaving the native tribes with little to hunt, accelerating their extermination


The balance of nature is a very delicate thing. Who knew that a simple worm could cause so much damage and force changes in human societies.Nature can even recover, but apparently the changes are deep.


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