Worried about Chinese spies, the FBI freaked out about Epcot Center

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That Tampa FBI office sounds like a real Mickey Mouse operation.


Roger That!

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KW Poon is a real person’s name?


I actually ate at that restaurant at the Knoxville World’s Fair. As I recall, it really wasn’t very good. I remember because we were looking forward to it because we thought a restaurant run by the PRC itself would be something special.


I remember meeting a Ms. Poon a few years ago. On hearing her name, I couldn’t help but ask, “You get a lot of jokes, don’t you?”


I thought we were done making jokes about Asian names that sound like slang for genitals sometime shortly after Long Duc Dong.


Egads no!

It’s still funny.

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Did Kurt Russell’s character Jack Burton make any cheap “Wang” jokes in Big Trouble in Little China? I don’t remember any. I showed the film to one of my advanced English classes in Taiwan and they loved it.


Sort of, we have moved on to Mann Hung Lo. Seriously how is that any worse than Warren Peace, Claude Baals, etc?
I bet there are plenty of English names that sound like dirty words in China that get used in the exact same way. I also don’t think anyone takes it seriously. (well unless you are dumb ass local tv reporters so hungry for a scoop you don’t bother to actually read things through properly before going on air with it)


You mean like

ETA: I wouldn’t take it too seriously myself, but I can see how one would. If you have a proud family name that everyone laughs at because it means “fart” in their language you’d be tired of the jokes pretty quick no matter how thick-skinned you are. Especially coming from a culture of ancestor worship — they’re not just laughing at you, they’re laughing at your revered grandfather and great-grandfather and cetera.

@sockdoll: I just watched it again a couple of weeks ago and I don’t think he did. It would have jumped out at me.


Yeah I just kinda shook my head at how could they not see that…Both hilarious and sad at the same time.

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in other news: Nothing changes!

if you want to know the mindset of the intelligence agencies, look at their history, b/c nothing changes.

I’m not certain if you were actually accusing me, but “You get a lot of jokes, don’t you?” isn’t actually a joke in and of itself.

Pretty sure he never does. That would have undercut the whole tone of the schtick, part of which is how he genuinely likes and respects his buddy. Plus, even if he doesn’t realize it, he’s the sidekick and the sidekick doesn’t get to make ethnic jokes about the hero.


I’m pretty sure the Kentucky Fried Movie sketch “A Fistful of Yen” took this to the logical end four decades ago with guards named Hung Well, Long Wang and Enormous Genitals.


You know what would have been really cool? Not mentioning it at all.

That wasn’t the only time the government blocked a Disney park from commie invasion



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