Chinese officials unamused by this cake building


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It’s a public safety issue. Officials are trying to avoid attracting Kaiju.


someone left the cake out in the rain.


“Where do you think you are? Japan?”


Oh no!


They were just asking for ants. :neutral_face:


Ants you say?

Yes i can see how that would be an issue.


It would have been easier to dismantle had they used chorks.


“MmmRAWK!” Loosely translated, this means"The cake is a lie!"


I vaguely remember having heard this as a child , but I’m so glad to hear it again and truly understand its meaning.

Thank you for a perfect moment of synchronicity and completion of context.


Reminds me of Eddie Izzards Cake or Death bit.


Google translate fail.



To be fair, I think if someone tried this in Austin, those decorations would probably come down pretty fast. Building regs. here are very weird.


I blame Big Pie for the anti-cake regulations.


It seemed like a good idea on paper.


You can’t habitate your cake and eat it too.


Do you want to attract MechaCash, because that’s how you get MechaCash!


Must have been a visiting Taiwanese person if they’re using traditional Chinese script to speak Mandarin.


I still want to know what combo of drugs he was high on when that pic was taken.