Would you let a robot paint your walls?

Now I will surely have nightmares involving cleaning paint off brick walls for weeks to come.

I did a double-take on the title. Thought it said something else entirely. I think the hard ‘b’ in robot through me towards the end. :neutral_face:

Color Splash robot doesn’t give a shit.

I love its brutish yet carefree utilitarian attitude!
Programmed for a task but executed like an anarchist… Color Splash

Looks to me like the laser is an actual range finder and the robot does a good job squaring up to the wall. But a few times it also looks remotely controlled by a human, like they get the left/right mixed up.
Great result whatever is happening.

I think those are Mecanum wheels: Wikipedia: Mecanum wheel.


Given that the video was posted on April 1st by people who make remote-controlled BattleBots, I’m pretty sure it’s remotely controlled by a human. There’s really no point to the laser except as a way to build up our expectations so that the punchline gets maximum effect.

Nonetheless, it reminds me of a lot of the AI work I see in the financial world… and not on April Fool’s day… sadly…

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Then the robot said “Well, I’m not nature.”

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Not fooled! This “AI” is totally based on the Wham-O Water Wiggle and many other such wacky sprinkling devices.

Well, not yet.


I was led to believe that a bucket of paint was the one vulnerability of robots:


I would like to borrow this robot.

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So they are, thank you.

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