Wrecked rally car repaired in half an hour

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Body work with sledge hammers - that’s a git 'er done crew!


It looks impressive if you are under the impression that rally cars are just souped-up versions of the car model they are supposed to represent (in this case a DS3, from before Citroen span-off DS as a separate brand). In reality, only the body panels are carried over from the car you’d buy from a dealership.


See? I told you it would just buff out! (As in ‘sledgehammer’ out.) And the bits that don’t? Gaffer tape, of course!


as cool as that was, man that was an irritating video to watch. hey you, clipboard guy – GTF out of the way man!


I’m not sure what you’re trying to say here. Sure the parts are different but that doesn’t make what they did any less impressive. It’s not like rally cars are put together like Lego. That car was absolutely fucked and then half an hour later it was ready to go again.


If you think changing a set of tires in 1.82 seconds is amazing

I’m amazed if I can change A Tire in 1.82 hours.


I deleted my opening sentence which was “not to take anything away from the level of skill on display here”. Took that as a given. But if a street legal car had that kind of abuse, no amount of person-power could get it back on the road in that time. Sorry if my omission didn’t make my point clear.


Talk about a right to repair!


What I appreciate most is how much time they seem to spend thinking about how to proceed at the beginning.

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If it wasn’t street legal, it wouldn’t have registration plates.


This is a great video. I’ve also always liked this video too - showing a rally car getting a new transmission in ten minutes, on the side of the road, without power tools.

They’re lucky it was just the rear non-drive axle and not the front as they wouldn’t be able to put that back together in half an hour.

Looks like it was just the rear control arms and suspension along with the quarter panel and bumper. I’ve replaced control arms before and with the right tools it’s a fairly simple job. Few whacks with a 12lb sledgehammer and they’re back in business. Not like they have to worry that much about rear wheel alignment in a situation like this.

Reminds me of this:



The Technical Specifications for 2016 WRC were very tight - the amount of homogenisation to production run vehicles is far greater than you would think. For example, plastic panels in the engine bay can only be removed from the WRC entry if they are purely aesthetic.



All car repairs take 30 minutes–but only after they sit in the shop for 2 weeks.

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Repair the car? I’m more amazed that the driver drove it into the garage with a sideways rear tire!

Love the “Bigger Hammer Technology”… engine sounds like a chainsaw though.

Yes, technically street legal, in that it can be driven on the public road in between rally stages. But it’s not intended for every day road use. It’s two seats and a roll cage. It’s not like a WRC-spec Scooby or Evolution with ordinary creature comforts. It will be extremely expensive to fuel and an extremely hard ride.

Sound like a 2CV, but with a better engine.

I like the bit at about 1:40 where one of the crew in the background takes a slip and fall on the plastic ground covering someone decided was a good idea in wet weather and/or the case of oil or other fluids having been leaked.