Watch this incredible car crash (after which the driver walks away)

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The camera care driver is an incredibly optimistic human.

Too much Forza.


This is what happens when you text while driving.


the Renault Mégane, a “family car,”

Someone’s going to have some ‘splainin’ to do when they get home.


It would stand to reason that your standard auto insurance policy would refuse to payout on this!!!

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I wonder how many people go out and buy used cars just so they can do this (I mean the ring - not the crash)?

Of course, it very well could be. I once knew a young woman who’s uncle would obtain junker cars they would drive around in their fields and purposely crash into an old tree.

Did anyone say 24 Hours of LeMons?


Boingboing, I wish I could quit you.

The best car to race there would be a LeMonzerati, I suppose.

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They’re all the best car.
(facebook gallery warning)

The Renault Mégane RS is not your average “family car” with 265hp and a very stiff chassis. One of the most common track-day car in Europe.

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Aussies say fuckin’ hell and Jesus Christ the best.

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Car is a write-off and likely the insurance will not cover it. Expensive track day.

These guys were Brits, not Aussies.

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I’m surprised the track doesn’t require a roll cage and five-point harness. I think even the lowest tiers of SCCA mandate at least a rollbar.

Requirements for a Track Day round here are only a roadworthy vehicle, crash helmet, fire retardant overalls and the entrance fee. Needless to say that your insurance lapses while you’re off the public road.

Hey - full cred to the driver of the crash car. He manoeuvred all four wheels back to thw grounds!

From the description I expected something like this.

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