Unusually spectacular automobile accident


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A. Fell Asleep

B. Tuning Radio

C. Texting Girlfriend

D. Cardiac Arrest


The Duke Boys would be proud.

But seriously, as soon as I saw Ontario I thought “Oh, right, those assholes.”


E. Unusually Spectacular Happy Ending


Don’t do this at home kids…


He almost made it, until that pole.


You forgot drunk or other wise inebriated.


And now for the MXC Impact Replay…


I am placing that broadly under Fell Asleep.


In that order.


Careless driving, eh?

The article ends with:

These charges have yet to be proven in court.

I wonder if Mr. Poireir could just claim that getting some sweet air then kissing the pole is exactly what he wanted to do? He wasn’t being careless at all!

I have a friend who was chased by police one day. He thought he had lost them, so he went home. Shortly after that, he saw a tow truck hooking up to his car and when he went outside he was charged with a bunch of things related to the chase. His defense in court was that he wasn’t evading the police - he didn’t even know they were there. That’s just how he drives. The judge bought it and all of the serious charges were dismissed.


I want to die peacefully, in my sleep, like my grandfather.
Not screaming in terror, like his passengers.


Dear Drive-Cam Youtubers-

Learn to edit. You are allowed to trim off the extraneous driving from the beginning. Really. You don’t have to prove that you’re driving on a road first. We believe you.


Okay, this one is better than most. Most of the time it’s three or four minutes of video for 5 seconds of action at some indeterminate point in the latter half. Makes me miss Vine.


Please use the word “crash” instead of “accident.” The use of the word “accident” for everything automobile-related subconsciously shifts blame from drivers, even when they’re 100% at fault. This dude could have easily killed someone!


Your clock runneth fast, sir, or perhaps you’ve quoted in Canuck seconds. In good 'ol Yankee units, the air time does not exceed 1.05s.


Pfft, I got more airtime than that once, plus I flew across two lanes of oncoming traffic on I-80 in Nebraska and didn’t hit anything except the ground on the other side. That was definitely the closest I’ve ever come to dying


Don’t you know there are 2.54 Canadian seconds in 1 US second


In this case we can all agree, Boss Hogg was at fault.

But really, how do you know the driver is 100% at fault in the sense you’re using it? If you have a heart attack and run someone over, in that order, you’re not held responsible quite the same way. But it’s a fun word game to equate insurance liability and personal responsibility!


Police reports refer to “accidents,” but divides them into at-fault and not-at-fault. So does your insurance company, and it makes a big difference. I had a client just last night tell me it wasn’t her fault she swerved off the road and into a hedge. The police disagreed.

EDIT: I vaguely recall a secondary meaning of accident as “thing that happened.”



Came to this thread looking for a Dukes of Hazard reference, was not disappointed.