Unusually spectacular automobile accident

A - Asleep at the wheel
B - Bungling for a bagel
C - Cardiac Arrest
D - Deleting text to girlfriend
E - Ecstatic Ending
F - Flailing at loose ferrets
G - Grabbing greasy chips
H - Hitching hounddog to door handle
I - Itching
J - Jostling for a cassingle of Shania Twain’s 1997 hit "Don’t be Stupid"


He carelessly forgot to hit his Dixie horn!

And make sure somebody has a dashcam to record it for posterity.


Was that Mr Snipes?

“According to reports, Snipes allegedly didn’t know he was being chased and merely lost control at the Jupiter exit when he went to get some gas.”


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Roger That!

use of the word “accident” for everything automobile-related subconsciously shifts blame from drivers

‘Accident’ means a lack of intent. It has nothing whatsoever to do with ‘blame’.

If your subconscious does that, you should tell it to stop. That’s not what the word means, and you’re trying to persuade others to alter their perfectly correct language to suit your misapprehension.

“Accidental” is not the opposite of “unavoidable”; it’s the opposite of intentional.

I’ve crashed cars intentionally. Got paid to do it.

I’ve also crashed cars accidentally, where the crash was entirely my own fault (for taking inadvisable risks in over-powered machinery, just for kicks!) - but the crash was, nevertheless, entirely accidental.

I certainly did not INTEND to go over that embankment and down that hillside! (-:

So, yeah, it was an accident. An accident where I was entirely at fault.

I can’t speak for everyone, but my subconscious certainly doesn’t confuse “accidental” with “blameless.” (-:

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No, it doesn’t. You may infer that, but that’s an error on your part.

Accident implies a lack of intent.

Not the same thing at all.

Umm…Do you really think I’m the guy that wrote “Hot Fuzz”?

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B, G, and J are arguably the same problem. (too much grabbing)

Also we shouldn’t forget the increasingly popular

  • Poorly- or non- controlled blood sugar levels

Stunt Jump Failed.
50/50 remaining.

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I was expecting the unusual unusual like the item in the life photographic library of a guy up a street lamp etcetera

In the vernacular of Ontario, specifically the O.P.P. (Ontario Provincial Police) which has jurisdiction in Carleton Place, they are referred to as “collisions.”

Souvenirs of ECU oopsfiles. Weakenings of the pavement-centric aesthetic. Viridian cravenness becoming our drive. Petrochemical rehoming with oil pans. Injection well levelling. Derpcentrism of the lonesome west. Subthalamic ECU moments. Risk-positive rewilding of the easement berms. OOM_SHOCK_MAXEXTENDRANGEFFF

So not every car crash is an accident. This is why it is indeed more accurate to use ‘collision’.

Or a seizure I suppose.

When I worked in traffic operations we used the term Incident.

At least it was shot horizontal.

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That’ll buff out.