Unusually spectacular automobile accident

I think this is just about right. Need some time to build suspense since you KNOW there will be a money shot going in. Plus, that transition from just a car behind to this isn’t going to end well is always fascinating to me.

Unrelated: Why does one need a REAR facing dash cam? Places I’ve lived, laws always blame the rear car in a crash or is no-fault.

My money is on asleep.

A year ago, in the morning, when we’d just left Amsterdam on our way to France for our vacation, my wife (who was driving fortunately) noticed a car swerving slowly across the highway (I didn’t notice anything, because I was still sleepy and doing other things). Instead of overtaking, she stayed a bit behind him, and the car hit the side of the road and flipped three times through the air (according to me, as I just looked up with my sleepy head), or possibly only and and a half times (if you’re wise enough to believe my wife). The car landed on its roof. Of the four people in it (we suspect they worked all night and were on their way home), three were amazingly okay, while one had a severe concussion or was unconscious or something like that.

The “unusually spectacular” accident in this video is rather tame by comparison, although it starts very similar.

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