Wrong-way RV driver gets stuck in Taco Bell drive-through, booze blamed

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When you need tacos, you need tacos.


Taco Bell



Idiots. They installed the drive thru backwards.


I didn’t know that Klingons had rv’s? See Klingon Warship for reference…


Let’s wait for further occurrences. Maybe it’s an RV-eating Taco Bell?


You can get me an RV.

At 6 in the morning.


Maybe it’s a Taco Bell eating an RV?


11’ 8’’ (although now disabled by a few inches) laughs at these shenanigans.


Okay, the ‘wrong way’ part is added value, but would a RV have fit through there in either direction?


Maybe they should lower the road? Or raise the roof? Or more signs or…


This should be good for ‘joke’ slides in the next convention for colorectal surgeons.


"booze blamed "
in other news, sky: blue, water: wet


To be fair, that drive-through is really confusing when you’re looking at it through a glass of chardonnay.


Damnit… Washington! You stole Florida’s joke!


If she had just leaned on the gas a bit more, she would have made it.

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If it’s anything like how the drive-thru to the local Taco Bell is set up, that’s a distinct no.

Don’t blame booze, blame the driver.

For some reason it’s only just occurred to me to wonder: why is it called Taco Bell?

Company was founded by a guy named Bell.
His later venture, Steak Bell, didn’t do as well.

If you don’t have experience driving one, or dragging a large travel trailer behind a large pickup truck, you may not realize just how poorly RVs fit in most small business parking lots. It’s way too easy to pull into a dead end, and way too hard to safely back it out again. Driving a big rig requires more than a little experience to gauge how sharply you can cut a corner, or how wide an alley has to be to be able to get out of it at the other end. And if you’ve never pulled a big RV off the highway to a poorly lit parking lot for some late night food or fuel, you’ve probably never thought how hard it is to determine if that’s a navigable path out of the parking lot, or just a shadow disguising a thin strip of asphalt that leads blindly around a corner.

It’s also possible the restaurant’s layout looked like a different restaurant that she’s familiar with, so perhaps she thought she could turn around behind the building because the road she knows is much wider.

I know my limits. I’ve learned that if I can’t see a clearly safe path to both a wide open parking spot and to an exit from the lot, I park it on a nearby street; or I just pull back onto the highway and keep driving until I get to a truck stop.

Maybe this lady thought the drive-through lane had an extra bypass lane that skirted the building, or perhaps thought she saw an exit where the 90 degree turn was. (They’re very hard to see in the dark, especially if your headlights aren’t pointed right at the corner when you commit to making the turn.)

Or maybe it was booze – I don’t know, I wasn’t there. But a drunk driver wasn’t my first thought.

Oh, and that awning (the long roll along the top of the vehicle’s right side) that she miraculously didn’t destroy? Those are about $2,000 to replace if you cut it too close to a tree. Or a building. Or so I’ve heard. Looked it up for a friend.

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