Drunken man, sleeping in Taco Bell drive-thru, offers cops taco as ID from burning car


Drunken GENTLEman, sleeping in Taco Bell drive-thru, offers cops taco as ID from burning truck

There, I fixed it for you.


I love that this post is adjacent to the WSB 100th birthday post.


When asked for his I.D., the man handed the officers a taco. He then began trying to eat the taco. Deputies realized the truck was on fire after the man had exited the vehicle.

Ah, there’s your problem.


@_FloridaMan is possibly my favourite Twitter account. It just collects crazy Florida stories.


I was thinking this was another boring “in Florida story” right up to “truck was on fire”. Florida is really stepping up their game.

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the fact that it was on fire kind of surpasses the previous paragraph where his foot was on the gas pedal while he was passed out.

Still waiting for the “Truck was on fire when I sat down in it” explanation…

I don’t see what is so risible about using a taco for ID.


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His name is Raalllpphhh, man!

For those of us who don’t Twitter, there’s also a subreddit, with recent gems like:

Florida man breaks into house, poops on the floor and drinks contents of vacuum cleaner.
Florida man stabs brother after mac n cheese goes missing.
Florida man set apartment on fire because manager told him to stop masturbating.

Then there’s this:
Florida man too fat to go to jail.

Some places just seem to fester with social disease.

Deep sigh. I was all about this post since it has all the right ingredients: boozed up humans, flaming vehicles, Taco Bell…as I chuckled to myself I thought, oh boy, that’s stupid, wonder whe…“Florida”. GODAMMIT!
As a Florida man myself, I’d like to note that I have only once been accused of stealing a park bench while deep in the throes of the drink, and it was a nice park bench, too, thankyouverymuch.
I mean, really, who here hasn’t gotten wasted in the parking lot of a Taco Bell post-gnosh (or mid-gnosh), passed out with the vehicle running (and on fire), and then (nicely, 'cause Southerners are polite) offered the cops their un-gnoshed (or mid-gnoshed) taco?
Deep sigh. GODAMMIT!