Watch: Hangry drivers have standoff and block everyone else in Taco Bell drive-thru


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Out of my way, I’ve got some Periscope followers waiting for me to muckbang.


Shouldn’t blocking people from consuming Taco Bell be considered a public service? I, for one, would like to thank these brave heroes.


All taco-making bandwidth will be dedicated to over-the-counter sales!
If you see this, just (park and) go inside and buy over-the-counter while drive thru traffic is disabled.


I need to get “TRIFLING FOOL” on a tshirt.


Makes me proud to be a San Diegan :roll_eyes:



At first glance, I see a person of color on the receiving end of micro(macro?)-aggression being told to “let it go”, which seems an awful lot like “Lady, if you mattered more to me, maybe then I’d stand up for you.”




But it was in San Diego, they have that going for them.


Some people must really love Taco Bell. I usually have the feeling of shame and embarrassment when ever I am in there.

Also, I avoid drive throughs when ever possible.


You would be smart to avoid them in San Diego. In N Out’s drive thru often backs out into the street at rush hour.



she really wanted her Beef Meximelt.


The key is to send a passenger in to get the food from the counter while you stay in the car to continue playing “Who’s The Bigger Asshole” out in the parking lot.


In the time of the 4:52 of the video, I bet I could have parked, walked in, ordered, got the order, paid and left.


Actually you get BONUS asshole points for putting the car in park and going in yourself instead of sending a passenger.


I believe those bonus points are awarded as broken windows and slashed tires.


Based on the available evidence, I think this is San Diego. If you are eating Taco Bell in a place where real Mexican food is rampantly available, there is something seriously wrong.