WTF is a "Space Force $2 bill?"

Results not guaranteed! I have a 5 cent piece from 1865 that is worth 5 cents.

The $2 bill is a popular target for this sort of thing because you can buy them inexpensively in uncut sheets from the mint (yes, really). If you’ve ever heard a Steve Wozniak speech over 10mins long, he will definitely tell the story of how he used to buy these sheets, then cut them up and bind them into homemade notepads. He’d go into stores, “tear off” a page, and hand the money to clerks. Of course they don’t think it’s real, and presumably he tries and fails to explain that it is real. However, having achieved the “tee hee wacky nerd” quotient, the story always ends around there. I say this with love- I’m a big fan of The Woz.


Collectible == nobody needs it.


IIRC someone got detained at Best Buy for paying $108 in $2 bills once. The secret service got there and more or less said “What the fuck, Best Buy person, yes, $2 bills are a thing”.


If only the Best Buy employees had been somewhere with phones or an internet connection, possibly some sort of technology store…


PT Barnum. Every last one of 'em.

This way to the egress👉


This is all I came here to do.


It was $114.

Good memory on that one!


At first I thought "NO Fing Way!"*

Then I found THIS:

So, "YES Fing Way!"*

Yup! the ‘Proud Patriots’ website.
And - it has a 30-day guar-an-damn-tee!

You can also get your Donald and Melania Trump $2 bill (it should be a $3 bill, really)

Jesus, they took him all the way to the jail, humiliating him and wasting the Secret Service agent’s time. The level of thuggish stupidity on the part of both the Best Buy employees and the brain dead cops is staggering. It makes me wish it had happened in the age of social media so the ignoramuses could all be shamed into hopefully being less self-assured.


had a very close friiend that would pad $2 bills - fifty bills to a pad.
we would take them to the race track to bet on horses! never once got hassled, just eyerolls like “those guys again” as we tear off a couple and take our tote tickets.
good times!


I’ll have an order of magnitude, please. Hold the depreciation, and I will take a small inflation, no ice.

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And it comes with a certificate of authenticity!

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Will the Space Force survive Biden? Should it?

Conversely, I remember going into a Tower Records and paying for a CD* with $2 bills. The clerk knew they were legal, but asked “are you sure you want to use your $2 bills?” Like they were worth more than that. (My grandfather used to tuck them into birthday cards etc.)

*(Irrelevant to the story, but it was this)


IMO, it is redundant and should be wrapped back into the Airforce.


I guess this is easier than Rupert Murdoch having to physically knock on the door of every racist simpleton in America and tell them he’s the Official Wallet Inspector. But it still paints a fuckin’ bleak picture.

I disagree. Space Force is an indispensable stepping stone towards Deep Space Force.

But there is no air is space, that is why nobody can hear you scream.

Can we ditch please the penny and also stop printing $1s? We could put dollar coins in the till where the penny used to be and $2 bills where the ones used to be.