X-Ray Specs: invade personal privacy like a boss


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I have a slightly different set of glasses:


Those are good too.


And with that random link I’ve just found the origin of a Venetian Snares sample:


Your jib: I like the cut of it.

I’ve had a long-term obsession with those goggles (which do NOT do nothing, kinda). My first online 'nym was xradiographer, and my personal website is still http://www.xradiograph.com

The Picasso “Think Different” ad has hung on one of my cubicle walls since about 1998? The goggles hung near, and the twain never met until about February of last year (2014). The pixelazation-gif and the glitch-gifs were done in apps of my own making.


I am told “Gogs” are a second rate rip off of the “Specs” but have nothing more to go on. They probably use the same bird feathers.

Red feathers, on the money.

The picture you have above is not “Xray Specs” but “X-RAY VISION” which is a little clunky, no? And the holes, which may be centered in the “lenses” - it’s hard to tell, do not come close to being at the center of the concentric circles. Xray Specs just don’t work as well under those circumstances!

I do not recall where I purchased mine. 10+ years ago I got 5-10 of them, and this was the last surviving member.

I should have to do it again sometime. Used to be you could get free samples from American Paper Optics, as well.

Once upon a time this stuff was hard to get.

I’ll wait for the xray backscatter model. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, you and your SFnal technology! :alien:


Remember Troy Hurtubise? He had something called Angel Light about 10 years ago. Haven’t seen anything recent on it. (Quelle surprise!)

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