X-Wing fighter rocker




We can admire the craftsmanship but should children continue to be indoctrinated in militarist ideology? Star Wars is simply a galactic extension of an imperialist worldview.


“Schwartzman” I get it. You are Hooper X, and I claim my five pounds.


Why everything is Star Wars on the internet ???


It’s that or grumpy cats, take your pick, you can’t have everything.


What about grumpy droid cats that sound like a pissed off 14k4 modem? Or grumpy cat droids?


It is worth noting that the name of the main children’s hospital in New Zealand is Starship.


Internet needs more ants. :stuck_out_tongue:


Cool, great work! But I wish there was a picture of a kid in it to get more of a sense of scale. Like what size/age kid could use this?


As someone noted, this rocker was indeed built as a charity project for the Starship Childrens Hospital in Auckland, NZ. You can bid for the rocker here: http://www.trademe.co.nz/toys-models/rideon-toys/other/auction-834298132.htm

Starship really deserves a BB posting of its own, since it’s a very cool place. Its interior design is based on a futuristic starship, and really helps sick kids with the trauma they often feel when being hospitalised. When they enter Starship they feel like they’re going on a fantastic journey, and all the machines and procedures that go hand-in-hand with hospitals these days just seem to make more sense to the kids in a “spaceship” environment.

There is a mistake in this posting, however. Macrocarpa is definitely not a “native” NZ timber. It’s Cupressus macrocarpa, otherwise known as Monterey cypress. It grows really well in NZ, however, and can be found on many farms.


Ants don’t seem to fare so well on the internet…


But I’m still alive so far. :stuck_out_tongue:


They have the numbers, the numbers I say! You can squish them morning to night and night to morning and they will still come! Waves and waves and black shiny waves of living crunchy chitin-clad nightmare!



You can’t stop us.

I have stories in my http://zimage.com/~ant/antfarm/read/read.html 's “Ants in Weird/Odd Places” section. :wink:


The internet is a poor reflection of the biomass!


Get off the Internet and Earf, humans!


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