Xeni interviewed at The Guardian on her experience of cancer



I was always impressed with Xeni’s commentary. It gave me something that strengthened me - cleared up a lot of confusion and worry, and helped me believe these things can work out. Kudos.


I can totally relate to Xeni saying the Internet saved her life. In early February of this year I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and told that my life expectancy was approximately 11 months. As of today, I am still undergoing treatments (currently radiation combined with low grade chemo) but as of my last scan my cancer had gone into almost total remission. At the very least, the treatments have already likely granted me at least several more years of life and perhaps many more.

Right after my diagnosis, at my wife’s urging I set up a page on Caring Bridge, a site designed for patients facing serious health issues to easily share their experiences with friends, coworkers and family members. The outpouring of support I’ve received, even from many people I previously thought of as only casual acquaintances, has no doubt been a big factor in the success of my battle to date, as it has been a constant reminder during what can at times be a very lonely struggle that I am not in fact alone.


Great article Xeni, I really liked it. Good luck with everything moving forward!


Take care - best of luck to you.


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