Xitter Internal Systems Minutiae

ohyes, he has; everybody who posts the name alone is immediately suspended.

There are a lot of stonetoss fans on Twitter, as you might expect. The massive effort to silence anyone who mentions his name is not surprising. They (and their bots) are doing it.

I dont think so, everybody who posts the name alone is immediately suspended. thats the internal system, not users who are flagging.


how exactly is this even possible with user-bots? serious question.


Not true. Do a search for “graebener” on Twitter. There are posts with the full name, even people putting it in their display name, that have been up for days.

Edit to add: When Twitter really wants to silence something they usually search-ban the relevant terms as well. They’ve done that on multiple occasions to block people from finding videos of mass shootings, animal abuse, etc… If it was Twitter doing it, that search wouldn’t have returned any results.

how exactly is this even possible with user-bots? serious question.

Browser automation, burpsuite, etc… not all bots use the Twitter API (that you have to pay for now, IIRC.)

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tried. I cant. I dont have an account (twitter-search works again? news to me).

people appealed and got their accounts freed.

have to take your word for it, as I cant check, but see this;

catched that?

detected by our systems


Yep. Seen it before. They have a brain-dead AI that will automatically flag posts too similar to content that has been mass reported.

For a while there they were banning you for saying “Memphis”

If it was “Belgium” I would understand, but “Memphis”?


so, you agreeing that at least at some point the internal system mass-suspended accounts in regard to stonetoss real name, yes? but its not elnos fault? why again is that?


That internal system learns (and I use that term very loosely) what to flag based on reports being filed. Any mass reporting campaign can trigger it.

The “Memphis” incident happened in 2021. Musk bought Twitter and began running it into the ground in 2022. This system predates him, and is mostly beneficial as it stops terrible things like CSAM and torture videos from being endlessly reposted by others after being manually taken down a few times.

But, you can game it with enough false reports, especially now that Twitter’s moderation has very little human oversight. If enough people (or bots) report something it will be flagged, and similar content will be auto-flagged, regardless of if it actually breaks any rules.

My suspicion that Elmo has little to do with this is mostly based on him not saying anything about it. He loves to run his mouth: if he was personally defending stonetoss he would be taking credit for it.

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but elno is not to blame?

stonetoss is openly antisemite/nazi/fascist through his “cartoons”, could be a bit too much even for the grandwizard to openly taking credit for this shitshow.

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Elon is a known stonetoss fan. He has tweeted his comics before, albeit with some of the text changed.

As for blame… well, you can blame Elon for the state Twitter is in but not for any kind of direct intervention here.