Y2K Time Bomb: Classic Evangelical Armageddon TV


Y2K was like the ending of Lost: A giant buildup to an absolutely underwhelming “climax.”

I still regret not actually purchasing that used copy of the Y2K Survivalist’s Guide that I found in a book bin in 2001.


Van Impe has been pushing this millenarian drug for decades, I have his 1970’s LP “The Coming War With Russia”, and he had a TV show for a while where he would cite long streams of Bible verse – not the actual verses, just the location, a la “and this is proven by Isaiah 13:4, John 4: 22, Revelation 2:4, Kings II . . . etc.”

All these flashing gifs that Xeni is posting make me feel like I’m back in y2k.


You know, in any other country, televangelists like this would be tarred and feathered.

Just something to think about, America.


Dr. Jack Van Impe is still going strong with that television show.

Rexella? I used to have a Beagle named Rex but he ran off with a Dachshund back around Y2K and… well it’s a long story

Man, what a voice. Imagine how far in life that guy would have gotten sounding like Woody Allen.

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In case you were interested in viewing a snippet of the film:

Gotta say, very informational. There are apparently three Heavens. Who knew?

  1. High heaven
  2. Hog heaven
  3. Regular heaven

One presumes they are all connected via stairways, and in aggregate referred to as “Kingdom Come”.

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I remember being at a Y2K party in Melbourne when the cell phone network went down but it turned out to be everybody calling their friends to say that nothing had crashed (yet).

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Probably untrue.


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He even manages to make you hear the quotation marks around the word handling, in shipping and handling, in a way the Mafia would envy.

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Surely he’d prefer to face the Biblical punishment for false prophesy? I mean, the front page of his website (updated yesterday) claims to be “The Biblical Prophesy Portal of the Internet” and advertises his DVD “BEWARE: False Prophets, Damnable Heresies & Doctrines of Demons”, which warns against those who will depart from the “Christina faith” in the last times.

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I think that might be Seventh Day Adventist doctrine, invented intended to explain why Jesus appeared to not come in 1920 or whenever the Great Leader predicted the end. See, he actually did come, just not here, or something.

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I don’t know about heaven, but I’ve been stuck in East Jesus a time or two.

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