Yahoo sale: are flickr and tumblr doomed?

I have a flickr account, a “pro” account that I pay for. Most serious photog people (well, “serious” meaning they want the pro features) do, as well, so it’s not nearly as revenue-averse as most sites (or relying 100% on nebulous “advertising”). In a perfect world, Verizon would drop whatever half-baked photo thing they keep trying to push and just integrate directly with Flickr for their mobile users, but otherwise leave it alone.

It’s pretty rare, though, for any site that generates revenue and which has a lot of traffic to be “doomed,” though.

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Thanks! I’ll have to check these out.

Er, you just quoted me quoting from the article.

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And now I’m quoting you saying THAT. Meta-expolosion!

But sincerely, I realized that at the time, but I got sucked into it just due to the ease of doing that “highlight and use in reply” thing disqus has. And in my defense, I did leave the quote marks you inserted. But next time I will go to greater lengths to make it clear I understand the attribution chain. :slight_smile:

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Welp. I guess this is why we transitioned to Drupal for our stuff.

very unlikely they will change both of them anytime soon so you should not delete any of your accounts yet

I thought thats what this place was for.

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