Yip-Yip-Yip leggings




How do they react around telephones?


Q: Is my physique suitable for wearing these in public?

A: Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope


My brother and I loved the yipyip aliens growing up. Our folks still sing the family song around the house.


These are so not for me but I ended up browsing around Black Milk and bought their lava and cthulhu leggings. My credit card is sad thanks to you, Cory!


A fitting tribute to the originators of dubstep.


Please do not dip your legs in molten hot magma.


I am eagerly awaiting the day when bendable displays are so ubiquitous I can buy leggings that are able to run a continuous video loop of swirling molten hot magma on my thighs. I am sure this will be announced on Boingboing if they’re still around.


The blue one sounded an awful lot like Dan Castellaneta from the first season of the Simpsons. I wonder if it’s him or just someone who sounds a little like that voice.


The blue one sounds like Jim Henson to me. The pink one I heard a sound that reminded me of Pa Gorg from Fraggle Rock, so I’m thinking that one was voiced by the same guy (Jerry Nelson).

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