You are Henry David Thoreau in the Walden simulator video game


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You have died of dysentery.


Which button do you press to go home and have dinner with mother?


Press X for doughnuts?


I’ve always wanted a simulated “air bath.”


Henry David Thoreau <–> video games


Is the final level getting bailed out of jail?


Does it include the parts where he went round the family house for dinner 5 nights a week and his sister brought him regular care packages featuring his favorite cookies?

I’m down for that game.


The article only describes peaceful mode, but in hard mode you battle creepers and zombies.


I was going to get it to find out, but I’m not paying $18.45 to find out. I’ve got too many other games I need to play first.


“The day advanced as if to light some work of mine; it was morning, and lo, now it is evening, and nothing memorable is accomplished.”


A game with this guy, now…

“Thoreau was a dilettante.”


Is there going to be multiplayer support?


which button to push so your sister comes to you cabin, delivers some dinner, and does your laundry?


At what point in the game do you meet a severely disabled child and then, thanks to Thoreau’s extensive writing on that particular topic, manage to care for that child just as well as you would in the modern world?


So many commenters anxious to point out the contrast between what Thoreau wrote about his time at Walden Pond and what he actually did. Why is that?


I think it’s next to the ‘mooch off Emerson’ button.

It turns out that self reliance has some pretty handy UI features.


Thoreau was the first trust fund hippie?


Did they also produce work that inspired Gandhi and MLK?


Ask the ones picking on him!