You Are Not So Smart podcast 014: How stories can change beliefs and behaviors


the average person in the United States watches about 34 hours of television a week
Is that truly watching TV or just having the TV on in the background?

Yeah. I put the TV on at night sometimes to keep the street noise out, like a constant hum to fall asleep to.

34 hours of TV a week! Someone else is pretty bleary-eyed from making up for my average, which is zero.

5 hours a day…really? Between work, school, sleep, errands and other out-of-house activities, how does anyone have 5 hours a day to watch TV?

I agree with crenquis: this must refer to the number of hours a TV happens to be on, or something like that.

" full decade lost in the trance spell that only powerful narratives can cast over the human mind. "

Or they could have been watching reality TV.

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