You can already choose a new health plan under the American Health Care Act


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I thought they were going to offer a low budget one, to show that they “cared”.

Only $599.99


You can tell this isn’t real, because it’s missing key features of the AHCA: it doesn’t cost older people massively more than younger people (compared to the current system), and there’s not a word about pre-existing conditions might increase the cost of your plan or make it unavailable.


$600, for cardboard? There are 4 choices at Costco under $1,000. And a plain pine box has got to be around the same price, if not less.


They have to impoverish the already poor make a profit somehow.


What? For less than that you can get two, one steel and one cardboard.


If there is an industry I hate more than for-profit healthcare it is for-profit funeral rites.


Why are you shopping for caskets at Costco?


When I die, I want to be stuck up a tree in Tennessee


tRumpCare is like selling explosive diarrhea. Good luck TGOP!


Good a place as any other.



Or you could go with BioGift.


Hey, at least nobody “needs” a fancy funeral. And if you do choose to have one for a family member you can be reasonably sure the “pre-existing condition” won’t make it cost a lot more for some people than others.

Me, I’ve told the fam to just go the “coffee can” route.


It’s like this; there’s John Prine - and then there’s everybody else.


I always thought that was what ⊥rump was all about.


I want my ashes kept in a beer growler. Preferably with a little IPA left in it.


Yep. I don’t care what people do with my remains. It’s not my problem.


It’s pretty hard to get around the funeral homes entirely, though it is very possible if your grieving family moves fast enough and jumps through a lot of hoops. I just want to be harvested, not embalmed, and then buried in a shroud or cremated and then buried - I just want it to be cheap and return me back into the circle of life.

However, my family can ultimately decide what to do to grieve how they want. I just disagree with a lot of the sales tactics and fees, and I really don’t want to be buried as essentially a stuffed toy.