'You can call me a Grandma killer,' says woman in regrettable tweet

Um, yeah. I don’t care who or what sort of human being you’re responsible for killing – you’re still a goddamn murderer and should be arrested, tried, and if convicted, sentenced to life in prison. Let’s just say that Mass Murderer Trump owes us 70,000 lifetimes in the slammer right about now.


Despise her evil self-interest, I’m guessing she doesn’t really spend much time in museums.


Grandmatricide IV: Sun City Rampage was one of my favorite Playstation titles.


But… what does she tell her kids when they ask her why she killed their grandmother??
“I did it so we could go to the zoo!”

Future family reunions are gonna be awwwwkward.


Meh. People are allowed to have inconsistent opinions, to change their minds, and to vent their frustration… which is probably fairly high if she’s locked down at home with 4 young kids. It isn’t like she’s going down to her state capital with an AK-47 on her hip. If she actually breaks her local lockdown rules, rather than just griping, then that’s the time to get outraged.

These are shitty times in the world, it is a time to be looking for the good in people instead of being so quick to jump on mistakes.

we should be careful
Of each other, we should be kind
While there is still time.
– Philip Larkin, The Mower


A guess: she’s an extrovert and not able to deal well with this at all. I’d like to say “serves them all right, it’s a bit of a taste of what they made us all go through in normal life” but some of them really seem to be suffering.


Considering the Latin word for grandmother is avia it should probably be avicide. But that one’s already taken by bird killing agents.


First they came for my grandma… and I was all like, WTF lady?


:notes:Some people call me the grandma killer
Some people call me the typhoid Mary of zoos
Some people call me asshole
Wee-woooooo! :notes:


Great title for a punk song, and there’s one.


The mention of doctors and dentists seems particularly weird. Y’know, those people who have been consistently screaming about how they don’t have the PPE they need to work safely; and they don’t have the spare capacity to deal with a bunch of additional infections?

My mind just isn’t flexible enough for the mental gymnastics required to believe that lockdown measures are ‘sacrificing’ them; when non-lockdown measures definitely are.

The stock “won’t someone think of the poor starving baristas?” argument at least has some vague cogency(if you are willing to ignore the fact that, for a country with both considerable wealth and practically unlimited access to dirt cheap credit, simply paying them to not starve would be trivial if it weren’t considered heresy by the randroids and their pals); but Team Medicine seems pretty clear on the “FFS we don’t want to be juggling any more cases than is absolutely necessary, doubly so until you have the PPE situation fixed” position.


According to her Wikipedia profile, she’s a conservative. Through that lens her comments seem consistent with other conservatives I’ve met around “playing nicely with others.” There is a pervasive attitude of “it won’t benefit me, so why should I participate?” Be it for road taxes they don’t drive on or welfare for others.
What’s missing in these sentiments — besides being the Neighbor You Wouldn’t Want During A Crisis — is a heightened sense of “cliquish selfishness” that falls to account for secondary indirect benefits of helping others and building communities. It’s really shortsighted / lazy thinking, really.


I think she’s just shooting for a position in the White House.

Yeah, this is so brain-breaking because of all the “Won’t someone think of…” arguments, this is essentially, “Won’t someone think of the people I’m demanding to be put at risk.” The statement’s totally ironic, without a shred of self-awareness.


I don’t disagree with the point you’re making. I disagree with the sarcastic implication that your fellow Happy Mutants make a habit of jumping to conclusions, hating the subjects of posts based on the titles of articles they’ve written, knee-jerk outrage and jumping on mistakes. Or as someone wisely said…



To be fair countries with competent leadership also had outbreaks and deaths. He may owe us as little as half of those lifetimes.

If you look upthread there is one person demanding that she be sentenced to life in prison. Seems extreme to me.

The problem isn’t with BB, but with Twitter, which seems to encourage superficial attacks. When these lead to a consequential pileon here, as they not infrequently do, that’s usually a matter of BB poster X assuming good faith on the part of tweeter Y, and then people here assuming good faith on the part of X. In both cases the good faith might even be true, just not transitive, as it is based on different commonalities.

In this case @Mercenary_Garage fortunately did some further digging, and discovered that the “Grandma killer” is probably not really a bad person, but without that where might this thread have gone?


Yes, one person.

Twitter is awash in awful. It’s also used by some intelligent thoughtful people. My first thought on reading that earlier comment to which you’re referring was that it deserved to be featured on the Bad Legal Takes Twitter account. Extreme is an understatement. It’s ridiculously divorced from realty.

The thing is that keeping an open mind and digging deeper is not unusual here, which is why this is much better than Twitter, and the suggestion that it is seems a little supercilious, even though I know you didn’t intend it to.

A little faith in people goes a long way.


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