You can now watch NASA rocket launches in 4K high-def video online

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Go rocket, go.

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i don’t get it - the youtube video linked definitely has the Nasa UHD logo, but it’s only 1080p@60. the main link points to a PDF explaining that there’s a UHD nasa satellite channel available now - not sure what mere mortals have the right dish and decoder to watch this channel…


“Bang zoom! Straight to the Moon…! Well, in to orbit anyway…”

[quote=“joeblough, post:3, topic:70554”]
only 1080p@60
[/quote] lolz

They did us all a favor by capturing editing processing and uploading the raw footage.

[quote=“joeblough, post:3, topic:70554”]
not sure what mere mortals have the right dish and decoder to watch this channel.
[/quote] The c band dish is the easy part, many can be found unused in back yards across America. Looks like a suitable Receiver-Decoder can be purchased for $500-1k. The real money is in your 4k capable cpu and gpu setup, lets say another $3-5k. For sub $10K a lesser demigod or even an advanced mortal could build this.

i have a 2-year old 4-core (+ hyperthread) CPU right now that can decode 4k@30 in software just fine with multithreaded players such as VLC. on 2-year old video card, no problem with 4k@60 in hardware decoding. so i don’t think you’re looking at $3-5k. also have a UHD set which can decode 4k video, but not sure of the framerate. that cost $900.

also there’s plenty of 4k content available on youtube already. maybe not at 60p but it’s there. so nasa could have uploaded 4k@30 at the very least.

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