You'll never guess what app teens use for sexting these days


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Wow, terrible idea though! Assuming it’s on the school’s Google Apps account and not public Google Drive, the school probably has access to a record of every chat and comment thread…


On the one hand, I’m glad this is coming to light so that there can be a comprehensive way to address the issue in a way that protects teens.

On the other hand:



Possibly, but a school district’s IT dept. might be smart enough to turn off logging of chat records to prevent them from being able to be available through a public records request or leaked in a FERPA violation. But they would probably have access to accounts if needed and anything in the docs themselves would be shown in the version history.



I remember back in the early 90s we used to chat over the network by renaming shared files sitting on the desktop.


Next big sexting platform: LinkedIn


I’m a 40ish year old male. Am I supposed to be guessing what app teens use for sexting?


If there isn’t a professional networking/sexting app called KinkedIn yet then somebody’s been asleep at the switch. (Not gonna Google that at work though)


hmm, teens doing something really stupid? Crazy times we live in.


Based on my experience with my childrens’ school IT, “smart” is not on the table. When I expressed concerns about children’s real names being held in an unecrypted database with their usernames which are also the same as their email addresses which are based on their first initial & last name with, you guessed it, a skeleton key password the district IT guy was utterly flabbergasted. When I suggested an anonymous login held in a separate encrypted location from the rest of their records I swear I could hear something in his brain pop.

Oh, and none of this was done with parental consent. And the apps they use are ad-supported and as far as I can tell the ads are completely unregulated.




Pretty certain that’s fetlife. Like instagram, facebook, linkedin, and twitter all rolled into one kinky package!!


I just sit back and admire the way people adapt to technology and use sth in a way it wasn’t directly intended to, but fulfills their needs better, than sth intended for those needs.


Well, if there’s one publication that I trust to have its finger squarely on the pulse of the hottest trends for teens and tweens, it’s The Atlantic. Let’s check in with David Frum on what the song of the summer will be this year, and then Conor Friedersdorf can tell us why kids prefer a market-based approach to prom.




Are they using something other than G Suite for Education? G Suite for Education isn’t ad-supported and is nominally FERPA compliant. At the higher education level, I’ve seen G Suite for Education implementations that have the chat history/logging turned off for the reasons I mentioned.


This makes sense considering how much it is used for school work.

I use it for keeping track of my Shadow stuff. If anyone wants to chat about it, LMK.


It’s been brought up in many other contexts before, but how good of an IT person are you expecting to get with a school salary?

I guess it goes for teachers too, but the intangibles for the two are different.


That last panel.