You'll never guess what app teens use for sexting these days


I thought you were going to mention this one:


“the street finds its own uses for things”


I’m “linking in” right now.


From an uncle’s perspective of having a teen crash on his couch: Snapchat is still the sexting app of choice.


I expect that my kid’s school doesn’t even have IT. Just teachers trying to keep up. I know they don’t have anyone doing their web maintenance on the regular. It’s loaded with incorrect and conflicting content. I’d complain because I do UX and content, but I’m afraid I’d get volunteered to fix it. That’s how I became PTA VP in the first place.


Hilarious. Google builds a successful social media app by accident after multiple failures!


Right? Like whoop-dee-doo … NEXT!


Google Docs are the sexiest docs of them all!


Well, yeah. What people do on Facebook, they could do just as well on Google Docs, or WordPress, or YouTube, or WebMD, or anything else that combines any form of publishing with any form of messaging.

The way people go on about Facebook is like saying that we couldn’t have written language without Trapper KeepersTM, and wringing their hands because it turns out Trapper Keepers contain caesium-137, but what alternative is there?

Facebook + Instagram + WhatsApp outage 'resolved,' blamed on 'server configuration change'

Good idea, I will send the kids to crash at their aunt and uncle’s so I don’t have to deal with this sort of stuff :wink:


I heard they’re smoking bath salts and having impure thoughts!


G Suite plus about a dozen “educational” apps that share their login info. They are issued iPads preloaded with all manner of crap.


Rename it to Google Doxxx?


You don’t suppose they are using QEMM to hide them in the 384K? :thinking:


In a sense this is not new. I remember years ago seeing an article on how a guy running a history blog noticed an uptick in comments on an old post. Instead of someone showing an honest interest in his blog, it was a couple of kids using the un-moderated comments to have a conversation. How likely is it that their teachers would ever find out? The internet is huge, it’s like sneaking out into the wilderness to have a private chat, maybe somebody will stumble upon you, probably not.


The one thing I’ve noticed about the internet and computer technology is that it gets used for stuff it wasnt intended for. But maybe that’s just the history of technology in a nutshell.


To be fair, “G Suite” is a very horny name. Although in kind of a 80s porn way…


All you youngsters out there, let me tell you a story. Are we all sitting comfortably? Back in the days of rotary-dial phones (Wikipedia - do I have to do everything?), if you dialed the number of a phone in use, you got a busy signal - a series of long beeps. Some genius teenage hacker figured out that everyone getting a busy signal was being connected to the same source, and you could hear other people in the spaces between the beeps. You could trigger a busy signal by dialing your own number, then hear a jumble of random strangers yelling. (Plus ca change…)

A typical scenario went like this: beep…beep…beep hello? beep hello? beep (female voice) hello? beep hi! beep hi! beep whatsyournumber? beep 5 beep 4 beep 2 beep 1 beep 9 beep 7 beep 6 beep callme beep ok beep hang up beep… click

Inevitably, there were the pranksters, like the one who gave out my number to the girl who called me. She sounded cute, but we never got together. I often wonder where she is now. Cindy, are you reading this?




Yes, old man.


They get together between the Google Sheets?