You'll never guess what app teens use for sexting these days



So if someone writes a few dirty words on a chalkboard, are we going to read headlines about how “OMG teens are using chalkboards for sexting now!!!”?


I’m a bit disappointed that my daughter and her friends haven’t thought of this or using the comments on some random video to chat on their locked-down iPads.


That image just scarred my brain a little bit. I want to see a cartoon about Clippy’s history as a drug abuser.


The kids are alright.


One wonders how you know your kids aren’t doing something you don’t know about…


The whole ‘sexting’ stuff is dragged in for clicks I guess. It’s just the age old ‘passing notes in class’. But on a computer.


Yes, I am.


Everything old becomes new again in 20 years. These cloud kids are discovering the power of FILES.


Don’t forget David Brooks and Tom Friedman. I don’t know what I would do without those guys telling me what the young-uns are up to.


Once the teachers find out the chat exists though, can they have IT pull the logs: :thinking:


my biology teacher used to have me help her bypass the school’s web filter because any site that contained common bio textbook words would be blocked.

later i naively mentioned to a librarian i didn’t need her to lift the filter and she ran to the head of IT and it Became A Thing.

Like usual, I got sent to the vice principal, who would chew me out for forcing me to deal with me but ultimately realize we had a stalement and send me off with a stern warning.

(In this case, that I’d be happy to have my comp privs revoked or serve a detention, but I’d be forced to point out several faculty had been using my technique to display banned material to children.

After all, if the filter is perfect and right, we can’t have anyone bypassing it? For the children’s sake!

Edit: as an aside, at the meta level you should probably take a step back when a 16 year old can untracably step around your entire security mechanism and think “this person is not currently being malicious. maybe i should re-evaluate how much leverage I hold?”


I showed this to my daughter. She laughed and told me this is what happens when “old folks try to guess what we are doing. It is absolutely not happening.” I guess that is what I will go with, since I am far beyond this age and tech savvy-ness.


No comments on the click-baity title? Huh.


We have so much to catch up on.

Welcome to BoingBoing!


kids these days. in my day you took a game boy camera picture of your ass, then used the link cable and game boy printer to print out postage stamp sized b&w ass pics to stick all over the cd cases in the christian music section of sam goody


Heck, in my day we resorted to typing 5318008 on our calculators and turning them upside down.


how did you know my password?!


That’s teen-speak for it’s happening but you will never catch us.

Find a google doc you two! :wink:


Yes, totally 80’s.