Young girl shocks parents with hilarious answer to why people get married

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And a brilliant new euphemism is born.


Hey, she was right. Both times. Good on 'er!


Is that what the kids are calling it these days.




I’m sure the parents cannot wait to replay that for the girls when they’re older…


Kinda ruins “pull my finger”.


Oh please please wait for the wedding rehearsal!


or… pull my leg :slight_smile:

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some businesses call it broadband


This very much reminds me of a time I met with my then in 3rd grade daughter’s teacher for a parent teacher conference.

It all went pretty well, but at the end, the teacher said she was worried about our Ellie having an issue w/ another student. The teacher told me that Ellie had called the other student the “B-word”. My wife and I assured the teacher we’d talk to Ellie about this that night, as the teacher was very concerned about this behavior.

So…not wanting to make a big deal out of it, BUT, needing to better understand and hopefully short circuit any nascent mean-girling by my daughter, during bed-time I talked about how many nice things the teacher said and what a great year Ellie was having, etc… then I got round to the real issue I wanted to address.

I asked her: “Ellie, I wanted to talk to you about something so I can understand what happened, OK?”


“Well, Mrs. Henderson told us that you called another student the B-word. Is that true?”

After a long silence my daughter got a sad look on her face, almost as if she could sense I would be disappointed. And, she said, in a little voice, “Yes.”

Now, to this point, I wasn’t sure this had actually happened as my daughter had always been, so far as I could tell, a friendly child… but I also know that’s part of life to get in this sort of trouble. I also was still not 100% convinced this was as bad as the teacher portrayed it. So, I asked, “Now, Ellie, I know we don’t normally say bad words, but sometimes, to better understand, it’s OK to say a bad word. So, and I won’t be mad, but can you tell me what you called her, exactly?”


“ok, but when you say ‘b-word’ what did you actually say? It’s ok, you can say it.”

“B-word, I said b-word”. She is now looking a little sad and there is some consternation. But it’s also dawning on me that this is potentially, hopefully, a lot more innocent than thought.

“ok, all you said was just ‘b-word’. You didn’t say the actual word you think ‘b-word’ stands for, right?”

“yes, I just said b-word.” Now, it’s dawning on me we may be an actual 2nd level away from what was portrayed to us by the teacher.

“Ellie, and it’s ok to use the actual word, but what does ‘b-word’ stand for?”

Now, it’s a very meek voice, with the hint of optimism, “buttface”

It took every ounce of concentration to not laugh my ass off and tell her that it was OK, let’s just not let this happen again, and that mom and I love you very much. :slight_smile:


The other leg! :joy:


don’t forget to give her back the secret you hold now …just to be fair
she seems to be a good girl!

She doesn’t even remember the conversation. :slight_smile:

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hmmm… you could bring the story up in a few years

I’ve thought for a while that this is considered a symbolic function of the ring anyway. Not that it was my idea alone, but that folklorists have been saying it.

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