Young woman lifts pickup truck that fell on her father

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What are we doing to the kids at the Air Force Academy?!?! and why can they still not beat Navy? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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“There were no reports of a spike in Gamma radiation at the time of the event.”



What a world that we live in that I can get access to radiation counter like this:

source: EPA radnet


Spider bite?

Adrenaline. One of my family stories is of when a water trough fell on my grandmother. My grandfather ran over and lifted it off her. Figuring about 4 feet wide, 8 feet long, and 2 feet deep of water, it probably weighed about 4,000 pounds, so lifting one end was about one ton.


I hope she remembered to lift from the knees, back injuries are no fun.

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So basically adrenaline from panic kept her from feeling the going to hurt even more later pain from over stressing her body.


I’d actually love to see some calculations on that, I’d imagine the shift of the water would make it extremely complicated (start heavy, get lighter quite quickly).


So the moral is: Don’t walk where you’re not supposed to walk because there may not be somebody with superhuman strength to save your little ass…and don’t do drugs!

Have a personal story about this sort of thing. My dad used to do repair work at this one apartment building. One weekend I went with him to “help” (not really as I was pretty young, I imagine that it was just to keep me out of the house), and we were set to repair a door jamb that had been broken and basically ripped from the frame.

What had happened? The woman who lived in the apartment was cooking, and a stove fire started. She tried to put it out, but when she couldn’t, she ran to grab her baby and get out of the apartment. Apparently, unlocking the door and turning the knob wasn’t in the “to do” list. She had torn the door out of the jamb, rupturing it, and partially tearing it from the frame. One handed. While carrying her baby in the other.

Adrenaline is amazing stuff.


I don’t know, but Charlotte Heffelmire seems to be a good advertisement for it. I hope she gets better soon.

(at last a good news story)

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@Textuality @Jim_Kirk

Considering the world record for the deadlift is around 1000 pounds, yeah, I’m assuming he either didn’t have to lift it very far at all and once he’d started lifting, created a wave which displaced a lot of the weight to the opposite end of the trough.

Legit World class Strongmen rip muscles from the bone and snap tendons attempting to lift 800 to 1000 pounds less than a ton.

This I believe unreservedly.

Was working in a server room once, taking equipment in and out of the door with a bunch of other people. We were all going in and out of the door so often that we disengaged the magnetic lock so we could quickly open the door (had to keep it closed to maintain the environmental seal). There was always someone in there, so no issues with security but I think the MD wanted to make sure we were maintaining some semblance of oversight so popped down to take a peek.

Someone must have got wind of this, and nervously re-engaged the magnetic seal without telling anyone. Guess who was standing on the other side as I absent-mindedly ripped the door out of the frame? Yup. First time I’d really met him, my first week on the job. Great introduction.

I was expecting to have to really pull on the door to overcome the pressure differential, closing mechanism and heaviness of the door and had been going back and forth out and in all day so had kinda gotten used to just whipping it open over and over again in that way that you automatically begin to speed up when doing repetitive tasks.

The magnet held. Door frame not so much. He didn’t miss a beat. His first words to me were along the lines of ‘Good to discover we need to anchor the door frame better this way, I suppose.’ I just hung my head for a while before abashedly muttering ‘pleased to meet you’ and walking away, red faced.

On the topic, I believe a lot of the naysayers in the reddit threads I’ve seen on this are forgetting that you can drive a truck with 3 wheels so long as there’s not much load over the missing wheel and is some over the diagonally opposite corner. (It must be true, I saw it in Mad Max!)

Looks like she actually lifted the engine end… I’m guessing the weight distribution on the truck is quite even then…

People seem to be assuming that she would have to be picking up close to a ton but I think along the lines of 300 to 400 pounds is more likely. And she probably only had to move it a few inches to free her dad, any more than that and he’d have been crushed badly.

Add adrenaline into the mix, along with the small vertical lift and the counterbalance, yeah, I can see this happening.


People! 2 words: Jack. Stands.


Doesn’t seem to be any discussion of an effort to get her back to the Air Force Academy. What’s the extent of the back injury? Is it something that physical therapy will resolve? Seems a shame to give up on the Air Force, if there is something that can be done.


Way to go Charlotte, now that’s some straight up Powerpuff Girl heroine girl power.

Sugar and spice and everything radioactive nice.

Trust me, she’s almost certainly better off out than in.

Always put the tire & wheel assembly you’ve just removed under the vehicle. Jacks and jackstands (and even wheelramps) fail, but a wheel rim with a tire on it will give you 5 to 8 inches of clearance.

A tip that’s kept me from getting crushed a couple of times now.

As for adrenaline, I totalled a car on the Lenape Bridge once, and afterwards my right arm muscles really really hurt and I had a bruise on my palm. While I was dismantling the wreckage a couple of weeks later, I found that I’d bent the chrome plated steel shift rod by 45 degrees or more, in a frantic attempt to downshift. Somehow my arm miraculously did not break! I’d already broken that arm a couple times so the bone’s pretty thick, but it’s definitely not stronger than that shifter was.


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