Young woman presented with 10 ideal men all at once


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OH, I thought she was trying to pick out which Jabberwockee to date.


But which one was the REAL Michael Meyers?


Kind of like if Tinder had real people?

Also, I feel like this would be speed-dating in the Ghost In the Shell universe.


She’s got the hot snail slime facial skin!


For maximum weirdness, try “naked attraction”


I’m picturing a spinoff where the guys are all wearing KKK hoods. “Who Wants to Marry the Master Race?”


(e.g. “isn’t cocky,” “funny,” “buff”)

Hmmm, so many choices.


Like this?



More like this.

Biggest Dick I could think of.


I’ll see your Dick, and raise you…


How can you not be cocky if you are funny AND buff?


Not to be too pedantic but, from my understanding, Tinder is mainly a looks based choice. Wouldn’t this be the antithesis to a live action Tinder?


For some reason, I was reminded of this…


Will the real Michael Myers please stand up? Please stand up, please stand up?


On second thought, sit back down until you remember how to be funny again.



Dick Van Dyke has it goin’ on, bruh.


I found it fascinating to see her typing! I’ve never seen someone whipping along like that with that keyboard!


You must not know any teenagers…


I mean creating complex Korean symbols with that keyboard with elements…