Your camera as emergency survival gear

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While this is an interesting experiment to see what you can do with camera gear, there are plenty of other ways to catch fish, make fire, etc., that don’t involve destroying your valuable camera gear.


Your camera as emergency survival gear

Sell it on Craig’s List, stat.


Don’t have time to watch right now. Fire making is the most important, probably.

Not sure if you could use lenses to make a fire with the sun. If you could some how take them apart you probably could.

If you had some really thin wire, especially something like steel wool, you can connect the two contacts of your battery to cause it to burst into flame - or in case of the wire if it is too thick, cause it to get hot enough to ignite some dry grass.

Worst case would be to puncture a lithium ion battery pack, but you can only do that once per battery.

Park Ranger 1 ~ "We located his body. He had a camera with him."
Park Ranger 2 ~ "So what was he doing in his last moments?"
Park Ranger 1 ~ “Dick pics. So very many dick pics.”


Like this…


Ah, an outtake from Dr. Tongue’s 3D House Of Stewardesses.


I think this struck the right balance between silly and resourceful. I enjoyed it.

Umbrellas are pretty awesome in the survival department as well.

Especially when faced with hostile flocks of seagulls

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Lenses as fire starter(s).

Battery as fire starter.

Case as water collector.

Strap as cordage.

Metal frameage as adapted knife.

Plastic as cancer?




Can your camera shore up your fragile masculinity?

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“You can take that camera and shore it up yer…uh, yeah.”


Good couple of chuckles. One or two useful tips, too.

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