YouTube bans 6 channels for hate speech, white supremacists Stefan Molyneux, David Duke, and Richard Spencer among them

Ugh - Stefan Molyneux, is the fucking worst… I’ve seen some rebuttal videos and he is an insufferable twat. If he is surprised why no woman wants to date him, it isn’t because western civilization is being destroyed by the left - it is because he is a terrible person.


He has a wife… and daughter. I can only imagine how fucked up his parenting is.


Oh really? Holy shit. Blink twice if you need help.

They are probably so petrified of the barbarians at the gate, that the misogyny seems bearable.


A true genius.

Hoppe asserts that any argument which in any respect purports to contradict libertarian principles is logically incoherent

Got lots of love for that idea:

Hoppe’s theory was “a dazzling breakthrough for political philosophy in general and for libertarianism in particular”

I shall henceforth be known for MY theory, which states that:

any argument which in any respect purports to contradict anarcho-communist principles is logically incoherent.

I call this the law of the lizard. No, wait, I’ll call it the First Law of the Lizard, because I will come up with other such astute observations in the future.

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How about Lizard’s First Rule, instead?

Apropos, would you be interested in writing a series of fantasy doorstoppers thickly slathered with your politics?

Sounds more like a guideline to me.

I could imagine a story where tall, muscular, beautiful, skillful, courageous, and highly intelligent anarchists build houses, villages, co-owned factories, invent machines, and of course, have a lot of fun conversing, eating, drinking, doing drugs, fucking, and creating art.

From time to time they are invaded by smallish crooked libertarians and conservatives, who are not very bright, but deeply envious of the beauty, accomplishments, and of course, of all the fucking the anarchists have going on. So these gnomes come up with really stupid plans, which generally make them more unhappy and pollute the lands. The noble and beautiful anarchists know they could simply defeat those gnomes in battle, but know that this would propagate the ill mindset of the gnomes, so instead they encounter them in a compassionate and mostly non-violent way. This takes, of course, forever, and in the process of understanding more about the superior ways of the anarchists the gnomes grow taller and brighter, until they are full grown anarchists, and promptly also engage in all the fucking that is going on.

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Misogyny and transphobia too. Libertarian and “Rational atheist” communities are pretty much entirely populated by cis white male garbage people. I say that as someone who is both atheist and tries to be a rational scientific skeptic as much as possible… but I don’t go to the mixers because deep down they all believe hating me is rational.


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