YouTubers Die Trying to Save Girlfriend in Waterfall

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One of their typical stunts:

Are there many old dare devils?

They took precarious risks. I hope they understood and accepted that. If so, if they died doing what they loved, then I won’t be one to criticize.

At the same time, I get the impression that their mortality isn’t real to a lot of young people, and that’s probably even more true of adrenaline junkies.


rarely is on television 'UteTube

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see also:


These are the asswipes who got in trouble for wandering off the path and wrecking things in Yellowstone awhile ago. This neither shocks me or makes feel sorry for them.


At the very least they fessed up to it and appeared in court to receive their punishment.

But, yeah. Not cool.

And what is it with self entitled douchenozzles at Yellowstone? (I realize I’ve posted repeatedly about this in the past.)


Live by the sword, die by the sword.



The problem with being High on Life is the crash at the end.

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Darwin Award?


It’s unfortunate. Dying like that creates a real risk that either park staff or local emergency services will get roped in to a relatively risky exercise in corpse retrieval.


I’ve thought the opposite since I was a teen, and I still do now that I’m old. I’ve seen the change happen in me and everyone I grew up with. As teens, we lived with wild reckless abandon, living each day to the max as if it might be our last. We didn’t plan in advance, RSVP, make investments, or buy insurance. It’s only as we get older that we start to think that we’ll live forever, so long as we eat another bran muffin or whatever.

Kind of related, the young have more to fear from mortality. As we get older, we get more accepting of it. Many of those that we knew have passed on, society has changed, we’re no longer at our peak with limitless opportunities ahead. That’s not to say that we welcome death, far from it. But having already lived full lives, we have less to fear from it than the young.

At the same time, we’ve lived a lot of days, endured a lot of problems, and come to expect that we’ll live another and endure whatever comes up. Mortality is actually less real to us now that we’re older, on an individual level, despite the number of deaths we’ve known. We have a daily routine, and expect it to carry on, and our own death is not a part of that.

I think that’s why the young are more aware of it, defiant of it, and willing to take risks in order to live the exciting life while they have the chance. That doesn’t always end up well. But it doesn’t mean that they think that they are immortal, rather the opposite. They’re trying to live life to the fullest while they can.


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