Photographer snaps lightning as it strikes victim


I don’t know what is worse: being killed on vacation, getting killed when a photojournalist is snapping your death scene, or everyone lecturing you over your corpse…


While I’m genuinely sympathetic to the family and friends of the young lady, I’ve gotta say… that’s exactly the way I want to go.

No waiting, no suffering, just a bolt from the blue… and so theatrical, too. Sure beats sitting in a nursing home with Alzheimer’s.

Please - I’m not making light of someone’s tragedy; it’s just that this is honestly what I’d choose for myself. Hopefully with no friends around, so no one gets traumatized.


I’m with you, man.
Hopefully no time soon, though. I still have a few decades left, I think.

I still don’t really want to die at 36: how about when you reach the door of the nursing home at 75, you turn around and give the finger to the world as a final symbolic act of defiance before accepting your fate. Wham - bolt from the blue, you don’t feel a thing. THAT’s how I’d like to go.


SHOCKING news. I hope it galvanizes tourists to resist the temptation to frolic where logic impedes.


“If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.”

True - depending on your leaning - in the literal sense eh?

Agree with above. Acts as a fair warning to others, who might not want to slip off the coil in a similar manner.

The second photo marks the exact moment she stopped caring about any of that stuff, because she was dead.

Gauging irony or morality is a problem only the survivors have to deal with.


It would have been helpful to point this out to her a few moments before – she looked like the type who wanted to live; besides, if people didn’t care about that stuff, they wouldn’t make a laundry list of requests for their funerals…

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In defense of the dead woman’s behavior, her husband claims that they were worried about the coming storm and preparing to leave, and her frantic gesturing and entering the water were in attempt to get children still inside to come out (including the couple’s 11-year-old son).

The article’s summary here strangely failed to include this key bit of information from the linked newspaper article in Portuguese. The article’s very title translates to something like ‘woman struck by lightning was trying to save children’.

The first picture does look like careless beach shenanigans without context, but that’s what context is for.


A picture is worth a thousand words; usually 20 carefully chosen words will suffice.

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Sorry, didn’t get your meaning. Was I too long-winded in my explanation? Or the part of the article that could change people’s perception of a person’s death from ‘pure idiocy’ to ‘tragic attempt at heroism’ was better left out for the sake of brevity? Or something else? I’m truly curious about your meaning.

75’s a bit early… bearing in mind that we bought my grandfather his first mountain bike at 83 yrs old, and he almost reached 101 before passing late last year.


I mean the part of the article that explain the picture would be better used as the title.

Given that Acer ‘liked’ your post, I take his meaning to be something along the lines of “a picture might be worth a thousand words, but without context those thousand may as well be science fiction. 20 well chosen words of context are gold.”

In other words: thank you very much for your explanatory post.


I’m with you on that one. And I’ve actually vacationed at that beach – if you’re gonna die instantly on vacation, it’s a damn pretty spot.

Remember Sammy Jankis

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SHOCKING news. I hope it galvanizes tourists to resist the temptation to frolic where logic impedes.

In all fairness, you could just as easily be stricken by lightening while in a non-frolicking, grumpy state of mind.

What a terrible news, poor family and her little boy, I found more pics of Mrs. Biavati and her family here

Gotcha. I thought it was a bizarre decision by Gawker to leave out that crucial detail from the article but include such a redundant quote as ‘it wasn’t even raining’. Yeah, that we can see right in the pictures. It’s like they decided the instant karma/darwin award/you won’t believe what happens to this woman narrative was more entertaining and threw out the parts that didn’t reinforce it. I guess “woman dies fearing for her child’s life” wasn’t ironic enough.

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