YouTube's celebrity deepfake scam ads are getting more convincing

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And it seems like the consequences of taking their money are too far down the road for platforms to say no.

I’d like to think a bunch of high-profile lawsuits from celebrities might finally debunk the platforms’ bogus claim that “we can’t control scammy ads”, but there’s just too much money for them not to make up new BS reasons for allowing them.


Elections in the next 10 years are going to get… interesting…


Hate to break the news to you like this but


Maybe they are, but my mouse is at the skip button, just counting down the seconds.


Yeah, I saw that too. Video is going make it 10x worse.


Elections in 10 years? Optimistic!


I actually fell for one of these – Martha Stuart giving away full sets of Le Creuset on Instagram, only two sets left, sign up here, give us your credit card info to pay for $10 shipping. I wanted so bad for it to be true! --says every mark everywhere. Then–too late–I googled & found out it was a con & that new charges would continue to appear for months. Had to cancel the credit card & apply to the bank to reject the charge, which they did, so the scammers got nothing. Big hassle, though.


We’re seeing bogus CBC segments on YouTube, with news host reading off some really dangerous stuff (Trudeau is taking over the banks and taking your money, Crypto is the solution).

A few months ago, the local newspaper got some flack for running an ad regarding some very likely scam “Sister Of something or other charity” based in New York. Ad was full of untruths and fearmongering. Paper basically said “Their money is as green as anyone else’s”.

Yet they refused to run an election ad that featured what some called a libelous bit of artwork.

In the end, it’s all a game of whack-a-mole… Xitter has ads for legit products like televisions being posted by @Chad46tggu , not @SonyCanada or whatever.

Mute @Goober123 , next you see something from @Goober124 .

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Elections in 10 months? Optimistic!


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