Z Burbia

Continuing the discussion from Z Burbia, a novel by Jake Bible:

How was the second book?

I just finished the first one this weekend; and without wanting to provide spoilers, I’ll just say that I could have use more HOA stuff, and am disappointing that it seems there won’t be more.

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I read the whole series in one stint. I liked it but the comedy/humor of the HOA goes away and it becomes sort of like bumbling doofus barely survives Zombie infestation while also being most important person in Zombieville?

The story line around Elsbeth grows a lot and becomes the multi-novel story arc, which I liked and was worth finishing for. Each individual novel loses more, each time, as a stand alone story. Kind of becomes a repeat of every zombie story (but aren’t they all?)

Dunno if that helps. I liked it, it gets dopey. Its indie.


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